About Covedoza

COVEDOZA is an Afro-Latina lifestyle brand championing creators with the radical impulses of an activist.

COVEDOZA fights for a feminist cause in the face of the system through creativity and collaboration. We are a brand that is radically challenging political, economic, and social structures, and collapsing paradigms while inspiring the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community to unleash their talent, co-create collaboratively, dream big, and raise their voices with honesty and courage through lifestyle products, knowledge-sharing, and experiences

How collabs Work

Partner with creatives, artists and artisans.

Determine which products will be sold via our platform

Collaborate to ensure branding and pricing are done with integrity.

You buy a product that will support the economic development of the artist.

Our mission

To radically disrupt political, economic, and social structures, collapse paradigms, and inspire communities of color to unleash their talent, to co-create collaboratively, dream big, and raise their voice with honesty and courage through lifestyle products, knowledge-sharing, and experiences.

Our vision

To build a world without oppression, where women feel seen, represented, and unafraid to be themselves in their creative process.

Our Values /


Positive energy &

Empathy &


Elisa Molina

Elisa (she/her/ella) is an Atlanta-based, Bronx-raised mompreneur, public speaker, creator, and the mastermind behind the COVEDOZA brand. She is a bilingual, first-generation Dominican with a degree in International Business Administration from Buffalo State College which catapulted her passion for international affairs.  As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, she used design thinking to create a platform that connects potential customers with women creators from around the world using digital art. To date, Elisa was selected for the 2020 Latino Small Business Resilience Award by the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Young Professionals & Entrepreneur Award. In November 2020, she was selected for the American Express and IFundWomen 100 for 100 ‘Founders of Change’ Grant Program, while being recognized as ‘The Most Engaged Entrepreneur” by the R.J. Pierce Law Group.  In 2021, she was selected for the Elevate Together Program and became a 2021 Jefes del Futuro Contest Winner hosted by Cricket Wireless.  In 2022, she was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Latin America Association and is currently developing her second brand - Jefa Mom - which aims to provide bilingual grant training and educational resources to women entrepreneurs.  When she is not focused on COVEDOZA, she is helping Junior Achievement of Georgia achieve its mission of impacting 90% of all middle school students via financial literacy and work-readiness experiences as a Director of Education. Elisa is happily married and a proud mom of 5-year-old, Leslie Valentina - known as mini-COVEDOZA.