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This unique hand-illustrated collection showcases a figure called EME that was created by muralist and illustrator, Maria Jose Garcia-Butler.  These EMEs were the very first designs COVEDOZA sold when this was just an idea in 2017.  They were our foundation and we want you to be a part of this herstorical piece.  The EMEs are very versatile, and are neither fat nor skinny, nor do they have good or bad hair, nor are they white or brown.  They are a representation of every woman and in this case, different types of moms.

Each mom's personality needs to be celebrated, loved, and accepted.  We couldn't design all of them but are happy to showcase 4 types of moms which our founder, Elisa, personally identifies with and wants other women to celebrate as well.

  • #BossMom > she's always the leader and finds ways to generate revenue via side hustles or her own business. Joins the PTA board, is a member of every mom club you can think of and is organized AF.
  • #SunshineMom > she's coffee-obsessed and will yell at you if she doesn't have it.  She's a trendy mom and her kids are ALWAYS put together and nicely dressed.   She loves fashion and is the go-to mom for fashion advice.  
  •  #SexyMom > she's fashionable, sexy, bougie AF. Most people don’t see the unseen labor and care labor and care ethics of being a mother that this mom carries with her because all they see is the outside.  A force to be reckoned with.
  • #BohoMom > she's free-spirited and doesn't give an F about what you think.  She gives you 50s vibes, art deco, 70s too.  The kid fell, oh well. It happens.  House is a mess. Oh well. It will get cleaned because she has to protect her energy at all costs.

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