COVEDOZA launches a joint giveaway in celebration of International Women's Day

COVEDOZA launches a joint giveaway in celebration of International Women's Day

I want to start International Women's Day with you with a quick story!

While I was on a radio station interview last week I was asked to talk about the women in my life that have had an impact on me.  The question sounded so simple but it was not because the list was so long I wasn't going to do anyone justice.  At that moment, while I was reflecting on how many strong, hard working and dedicated women I've met in my entire life, I had flashbacks of the only woman in my high school who believed I could go to a 4-year college, my EOP advisor Mrs. Rosario who helped me travel the world, all of my sorority sisters who taught me perseverance will get you far, my mom and grandma who have an impeccable work ethic and eye for décor, my sister Johanna who sacrificed her youth to raise her younger brothers, my former boss Niambi who pushed me towards excellence at work, of the women I met in the Peace Corps that stopped me from packing my bags mid-way through service or that fed me when I didn't have anything to eat, of my COVEDOZA followers loyalty; I mean the list was so long it was hard to chose. I decided to share how my mother is truly my idol and how she has truly been my inspiration because after seeing her raise 5 children as a single-parent in NYC and put everyone else first for so many years until she realized it was time for things to change. I wanted the world to celebrate her with me.

Today, as the world celebrates us, I want you to take a moment to reach out to the women that have had an impact in your life and tell them how much you appreciate what they've done for you.  Download the following to show the women in your life some love!


COVEDOZA was founded under the premise of community and collaboration.  We work collaboratively with women visual artists and creatives as well as our customers to build trust and maintain open lines of communication in everything we do.  Our founder, Elisa Molina, is also a strong advocate of women empowerment and is inspired by them every day.  That's why we decided to celebrate such an important day by partnering with 4 incredible women-owned businesses to spread love and allow you to discover some incredible brands led by women. After all, we are big believers in collaboration over competition!

Here are four women-owned businesses you should know about:

    Click here to enter the giveaway and good luck! Winner will be announced on March 16th by WAWO via Instagram and happy International Women's Day!

    March 08, 2021 — Elisa Molina

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