It's National Entrepreneurship Week!

It's National Entrepreneurship Week!

Entrepreneurship is a journey, a challenging yet rewarding journey that has the potential to transform not just the life of the entrepreneur, but also the economy and society as a whole. As we celebrate National Entrepreneurship Week this February, it is time to reflect upon and understand the keys to entrepreneurial success. As an award-winning e-commerce founder, I have found that three core elements are instrumental in this journey - Ownership, Mindset, and Passion.


Entrepreneurs need to own their decisions and businesses to succeed. Success requires responsibility. As an entrepreneur, you are the captain of your ship. You make the decisions, you lead the way, and you bear the brunt of the storm. This sense of responsibility, the understanding that the success or failure of a new venture depends largely on your actions, can be a daunting realization. But it is this very understanding that drives entrepreneurs to be diligent, proactive, and resilient. It is also important we build a legacy by trademarking


A key attribute that sets successful entrepreneurs apart is their mindset. The entrepreneurial mindset is one of optimism, resilience, and a constant desire to learn and grow. It is about seeing challenges as opportunities and failures as learning experiences. At the same time, successful entrepreneurs have the mindset to delegate operational tasks so they can focus on strategy and growth. They understand that while they may be able to do all tasks, it is not the best use of their time. They focus on their strengths and delegate the rest, thereby ensuring they can lead their venture toward its vision effectively.


The third and perhaps the most important key to entrepreneurial success is passion. Passionate people are the source of real change in the world. It is their passion that keeps them going in the face of adversity, it is their passion that inspires others to join them, and it is their passion that drives them to create products or services that make a difference. So, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, find your passion and let it fuel your journey.

Keep Showing Up

As we commemorate National Entrepreneurship Week, let's take a moment to honor the invaluable contributions entrepreneurs make to our economy and society. Particularly, let's recognize the remarkable resilience of women-owned businesses as they navigate through various challenges, fueled by their determination and intersectional experiences. To all those dreaming of venturing into entrepreneurship, keep in mind the essential ingredients for success: Ownership, Mindset, and Passion. Embrace these qualities wholeheartedly, and watch as they propel you towards achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

February 12, 2024 — Elisa Molina

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