Created by Elisa Molina, Founder & CEO of COVEDOZA LLC, this small fund will give $100 grants to five women who self-identify as graphic designers, illustrators, muralists, OR creatives that have been affected by COVID-19, to use in whatever way they need to use it.

In times of crisis, creatives are often among those most affected. In addition to mental and physical health concerns, this is a challenging moment for many in our creative community as they deal with cancelled income due to cancelled or partially paid projects while trying to make recovery plans during uncertain times.  COVEDOZA is powered by an incredible community of women that are all about feminist art and women’s rights.  Thanks to the generous donations of an array of supporters to our COVID-19 GoFundMe Small Business Relief Campaign, we want to help in whatever small way we can.

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+ How do I apply for a grant? 
You can apply for our mini-grant via our website.

+ Who is eligible to apply?
Anyone who identifies as a womxn artist, graphic designer, illustrator, muralist or creative can apply, who is 18 or older. 

+ Will you be sharing any of my personal information with anyone else or third party if I apply?
The fund will not share any information from the application with anyone outside of those who have donated to the fund to support you.

+ Are you giving grants to just U.S. based artists + creatives?
The fund is open to any artists and creatives from around the world that speak English and Spanish.

+ How much money has been raised by the Fund?
As of May 2020, The Fund has raised $500 from our GoFunMe Small Business Relief Campaign specifically for the grants.

+ How much is the grant?
The applicants who are selected receive an unrestricted grant of $100. 

+ How much money has been dispersed and to how many artists + creatives?
Since we just launched and are still accepting applications, we have not dispersed any funds yet.

+ Will you be releasing the names of the grantees?
Out of respect for the professional privacy of those who have been selected, the fund will not be releasing anyone’s name without their permission. However, the fund hopes to release a select list of grantees and recognize them publicly once the fund receives their permission.

+ Who are the donors to the COVEDOZA Relief Fund? 
The COVEDOZA Relief Fund was founded by individual donations from the gracious COVEDOZA community from our public donation page on GoFundMe.  The fund has also been awarded a $500 matching grant from GoFundMe.Org COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund. 

+Who is administering the fund?
COVEDOZA LLC will administer the fund which has been funded based on its initial fundraising goal.   If we continue to raise funds, we will continue to commit 50% of additional funds raised to go towards the artists + creatives. 

+ How can I make a donation?
If you have the kindness in your heart to make a donation, you can make an online donation here. If you would like to send a check, please email for instructions.